A downloadable game for Android

The first office sim smash 'em up for VR and Leap Motion! You've just been fired, so do what any normal person would do and use your hands to destroy as many items as possible in your 'old' office before security escorts you out! This version is still buggy, only the monitors take damage. And don't look at your feet to pause the game, or you'll be stuck on that screen. Sorry!

Install instructions

Download the APK to your android device and install it. Find the Leap Motion Skeletal Daemon for Android and install that too. Plug in your Leap Motion controller to your android device, open the Leap Daemon and follow the prompts to make sure your Leap Motion Device is working. Even if the red lights come on, it still may not work at this point. Run the app and place your phone in your VR headset of choice. To select menu items, use your hand and keep it on the menu item for a few seconds to activate it. Look around with your head, activate waypoints by aiming the crosshairs at them.


Bad Day at the Office - Leap Motion 3D Jam Submission 46 MB


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Still not much time to work on it. I will upload latest version which makes it much more fun tho.

Some crucial updates and fixes coming soon!

omg this is a piece of junk but I will work on finishing out the idea after the jam. hold your hand inside the button for a while to active the menu items.